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islandfun Posts: 3054
[quote="Psycho Sue":1o2qhqwd][quote:1o2qhqwd] What's with the waving? [/quote:1o2qhqwd] Didn't want you to think I was being harsh........ And secondly, your opinion was being asked on the girls predicament, not on whether her post was genuine or not, or whether it was a good post.....[/quote:1o2qhqwd] If this is the case, I never asked for your opinion on my opinion so why are you still posting? :wv
Psycho Sue Posts: 1875
funny... *)
islandfun Posts: 3054
[quote="Psycho Sue":29d579cc]funny... *)[/quote:29d579cc] yet so true O:o)
ur opinion Posts: 5
Girls thanks for all your replies, Unfortunately its not a joke. I was as someone else mentioned too embarassed to say this to my friends, they all love DH and i wouldnt like them to think hes some kind of freak doing this in the car..!!! Island fun - i post here all the time, i see the posts all the time where we think this has to be a joke its just to ridiculous, that anyone asked this question on a website. My initial post was probably all over the place as i was crying typing it. As i said im also heavily pregnant so a tad on the hormonal side. Miah - thanks for your reply i take your point, if im always firing questions at him its no wonder hes getting nervous. Its kind of like a cycle he i ask a question he acts nervous, i get suspicious (sp) i ask another question and so on. and the reason i know when the last time he had a w**k is because this morning i noticed that there wasnt a lot of sperm, if he hasnt had sex in 3mths and reckons hes not w**king then surely there would be plenty. Also i know my DH and whats the norm for him, and this wasnt. Sorry that sounds crude even writing that, but i feel i need to explain myself. This is an honest post, i never actually realised before how hurtful it is when ppl reply that this must be a joke etc.. especially when its your life their talking about. Thanks again for your honest replies, thats what i was looking for.
stockbroking bride Posts: 2642
If your communication is so poor that you have to resort to a poll on WOL in order to figure out if your other half is cheating, my guess is then yes he most certainly is.
ur opinion Posts: 5
SBB Another really helpful post from you, my thanks. I have spoken to my DH in lenght about this each time that i felt there was an issue. We actually have a very good relationship and communicate very well. However my question was if as outsiders the readers of my post would feel that he was cheating. I know my DH and what he is capable off, however i am well aware that as im a hormonal and pregnant and a tad paranoid at the minute maybe i was reading to much into this. If i were to ask my family or friends their first reaction would - absolutely no way DH would cheat on me. My problem is that my gut is telling me different. And im not sure if this is because im hormonal or that im right. It has nothing to do with poor communication between us. Thanks for your reply.
islandfun Posts: 3054
Aww I feel bad now that you're genuine. Just ask him outright and see what his reponse is, also let him know that there isn't a handsfree kit (yet) for having an ol' fiddle while on the way to work so be careful.
NowGone Posts: 8042
[quote="ur opinion":txelhdl3]........... he said its just the way you asked me. ....[/quote:txelhdl3] This sticks out in my mind. Perhaps you're reading too much into it. Perhaps your hormones are in overdrive. Perhaps you're jumping down his throat unnecessarily. As for quizzing him about the quality of his sperm, well, tbh, that for me verges on the unreasonable. Why should he have to "confess" every him he slaps the salami or explain why there's less ejaculate/whatever? To be brutally honest, I think you're being a bit ott. I don't get the impression he's cheating.
ur opinion Posts: 5
Thanks Nozilla Yea im probably asking him and accusing him at the same time. He did say ''its the way you asked me'' and im sure i was glaring at him :o0 My mind is in over drive i think, and im definately a bit paranoid. He works long hours and comes straight home so the poor guy wouldnt have the time to cheat..!! Jesus i cant believe i actually freaked out about his sperm amounts.. im beginning to think im the one who may have the problem here.. cheers girls
scotswedding Posts: 2829
While I do think that a couple of the instances you described are a bit suspect I do think it seems more likely that you are being paranoid. Glad you were able to talk it out with him.