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emalou Posts: 30
LadyLizzie Posts: 1724
Didn't want to read and run; sorry you are having a low time. Totally understandable in the circumstances. I can sympathise on the boredom after job-loss in a rural village, it can be so isolating. At least your mum is around, I only have the in-laws and it is just not the same :( But yes it's not the same as having girlfriends and a social life. In the short term is there a Macra na Feirme in your area? They are good for social outings and more age-appropriate than the likes of the ICA!! Longer term, you will have to sit DH down for a proper conversation about how you feel. Yes you have spoken to him already but did he honestly understand how you feel? It could be that being unemployed is magnifying the loneliness. Are you renting or home-owners? If renting it might be worth considering moving closer to the nearest city for your work prospects, while still enabling DH to commute, and still see your mum etc. There are two of you in the marriage, So if life is not working out for one of you in that village then it's time to look at moving elsewhere, where you can both have a fulfilling life, not just one of you. If travelling is that important maybe you could both start saving towards a big trip to Australia for the next year or two, before you start a family if that is in the plan. I travelled a lot before I met DH and settled down - so glad I did and have lots of amazing memories, there is a whole world out there to explore and once you have kids or a mortgage it is way harder to go do it. Best of luck.
Kelly Jane Hartmann Posts: 2
I'm so sorry to hear you're feeling low! I have two thoughts that might help you out. 1. Are you on the pill? I was on the pill for two years when I realized I'd been feeling dead inside. I'm not sure how best to explain it, but I started to feel really low. I compared notes with a few friends who also felt the same symptoms. We figured out that it was a side effect of the pill. So, I've now been off the pill for two years and I'm only just starting to feel like a human again. I'd recommend doing some research of your own and maybe consulting your doctor, but I reckon you may be feeling low because of your very real situation you're in, but also because of a hormonal response to the pill. 2. Would you consider joining a church? I am an active member of my church and I am constantly busy. I've got tons of lovely friends, I attend a lot of fun events, and I feel like I have a solid support system. You might not be religious, but I would highly recommend considering visiting church purely for the support. If you do, find a church that you know has a lot of newly married couples who are around your age. I hope you're feeling much better after you initially posted this. I know it's been a few months :) Lots of love to you!
hcsloves Posts: 10
Sorry that you feel this way. Maybe look for jobs online so you wont feel bored and you are not sitting around at home all day. Make some friends online if you feel lonely. Talk to your husband about how you feel and maybe you two can work things out.
Fridrix Posts: 4
I can advise you to dilute your communication with foreigners through different dating sites. If there is really nothing to talk about. Then write what's in your head vzbredet. So much more fun. Well, I can advise you to find a job, it will definitely dilute the atmosphere