Hi Bouncy L! i just wanted to say a big thanks to you for all your help with my situation you were being really kind and you were a big help to me, and I was upset to see another person giving out to you for it. We had a long talk and eventualy came to an agreement! I didnt back down, but i think when we both calmed down it was a much more reasonable talk, we agreed to go to counselling together and make a new start, i think if the truth be told we were both taking eachother for granted in different ways. Im glad that i did really take a stand on this though! i was on the brink of throwing the ring at him and walking out but deep down i really do love him and i want to make it work-all the same i wont let anyone push me around- and i think it was a good thing! anyway thanks again bouncyL you are just the kind of wollie we need here! and hopefully everything will be better from now on!!