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fefe Posts: 218
I moved from Meath to Waterford a good few years ago. Love it here but have found making friends the only draw back. Daughter is doing Junior Cert next week. I am [only] 35!! Get on with all the men in work but am only female. So making friends has been difficult. We were renting but moved before Christmas to our new house. Not many neighbours have moved into estate as it is still new so still haven't made friends. Ladies, might be a good idea if we got together sometime over the Summer?! Think we might just get along!! Hell we have WOL in common if nothing else!! Good luck with the moves!! :wv Fefe [/i]
Dee24 Posts: 608
Hey Audreys Welcome to the Deise. It is a lovely place to live, but I suppose it'll just take time for us all to make new contacts and stuff. We should all catch up with eachother in a years time and see how we're all getting on! :o0 :o0
Dee24 Posts: 608
Hey FeFe - my H2B is from Meath aswell!!! He's from Kells.
Sunnyshine Posts: 753
Hi Shobie - thanks for the mention re. the house. I think we're looking in Tramore or close enough to there. Have a viewing next week. Can't get there this week 'cos DH has the car and is away and not so easy to get from Cork to Waterford, surprisingly! I'll take a job if you have one though!! :o0
Lizzie02 Posts: 2624
Hi, Have pm'd you. Liz.
Dee24 Posts: 608
thanks Lizzie :wv
kenko Posts: 1430
Hi dee24 when you get a chance would you check to see if you got my pm this morning, as i pm another wolly around the same time and she didnt receive it.Thanks
Dee24 Posts: 608
Hi Kenko, no I'm afraid I didnt get it. Lizzie02 PM'd me earlier and I got that. Try sending it again and i'll let you know if I get it.
kenko Posts: 1430
Dee24 Posts: 608
Hey Kenko, got it thanks and replied back :compress