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Dee24 Posts: 608
Hi Kenko! Yeah, I've been going mad with this site down over the last few days. Not much news to report really, all quiet and didnt do anything over the bank hol - just had a nice relaxing weekend. We were supposed to clean the house, but sat out in the sun instead >:o) How about you? Hows things going?
Sunnyshine Posts: 753
Hey Waterford ladies - I think we may have found a house to rent in Stradbally. The area is gorgeous and the house is just fab. Fingers crossed.....
kenko Posts: 1430
Hi Dee24, Hows things with you good i hope. I had a relaxing weekend also just lazed around the weather was lovely.Taking the kids to euro disney in september im more excited than they are, so looking forward to that.everything else is quiet, just the way i like it. :wv
kenko Posts: 1430
Hi sunshine, Stradbally is my favorite place to go in the summer months.I love the beach it is beautiful. Also the little village is lovely and kepted so clean.Good luck with your house
Jenno Posts: 334
Hi, couldnt not reply. I recently moved to be with H2B, like you I work from home & it has been tough making new friends. The first few months I was so lonely...H2B works weekends so I usually try to go home instead of being home alone all day! I did a part time course & met some lovely people. I think you really have to make the effort to meet new friends, its easy to sit in and watch tv or whatever. Best of luck, :wv
kenko Posts: 1430
Good on ya Nov2008bride for getting out there and meeting new people.Its to easy to shut yourself away from the world in a new location, and get stuck in a rut for to long.Everyone deserves a bit of happiness and fun in their lives and its always other people that can bring this to you.For me friends are very important part of my life to share the good and bad with them.So anyone feeling lonely get out there and jion the rest of the world :wv
casey01 Posts: 50
Hi everyone, I'm in tears reading this I can relate so much to everyone's posts. I moved to another county about a year and a half ago, I found it very hard to settle in. His mother was up the road and kept checking up on us, and always made me feel that I shouldn't be going out with her son. we lived in a run down house cold and damp to save money so we could buy our own house, eventually I started to get to know people who lived across the road and down the road. But we moved then to our new house which is over 20 mins away outside a village, our neighbours in our rented house were alot older than me but still it was nice to fit in. Now i don't know our neighbours on either side, one lot are very nosy and stand outside looking in, I did at the start when we moved here try to get to know them be friendly gave a wave anytime we passed but got nothing back. Both sets of neighbours are alot older than us I'm 26, H2B works in the local town and knows alot of people he is very shy and quiet and keeps to himself. I work over an hours drive away and have friends at work and go on the odd night out with them but always have to leave early as he is picking me up or else i'm driving and don't want to be driving really late at night home. so these nights out are getting less and less. I love our house so much and i love where it is situated but really feel like an outsider even with his family who all live around the area. I don't even know whats going on in the local village as there is never any adverts up or anything. I do try to fit in with H2B friends girlfriends but I don't have anything in common with any of them and they never ask me to go out with them or their friends. We don't go out much as we don't have much money with wedding etc I would just love if i knew at least one person that i could call around to and have a chat to. My best friends are miles away and we chat on the phone alot but we aren't as close anymore. H2B tries and has started to bring me with him where ever he goes so i can meet people but I have forgotten how to make friends at this stage. We are also happy enough to be in each others company, and we have 2 dogs that we just adore and I do walk them but we live in the middle of nowhere so not many people around. If anyone knows how i can dig myself out of this please let me know! :o(
kenko Posts: 1430
First of all casey1 welcome to this fourm,they are lovely friendly girls on this site and your more then welcome to jion in with us.We all share the one thing were all outsiders in our towns. :wv :wv
casey01 Posts: 50
Thanks Kenko for the welcome. :wv This weekend we are going to head out to the local in the village hopefully some poor soul will say a friendly hello!
kenko Posts: 1430
Hi casey1,Making new friends is not easy and takes time to build up a friendship with someone.My advice would be to join clubs, classes or courses and mix with people outside your h2b.They are loads of people out there that would love some friends for company.Neighbours these days keep to their self, and get on with their own lives thats just the way things are these days.Im sure in time youll settle in to your new location and all the rest will follow.Enjoy the local this weekend and use this as a start to mix with people in the area. Keep us posted :wv :wv :wv