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chatter2cat Posts: 996
I have to admit something sad... wollies have made me a more reasonable and nicer person to my sis and in my head earlier on I did think "what would the wollies say???" :eek :o0 On my life, I am THAT sad! My sis and I are not that close, she imo is the problem teenager who has never grown up and causes our parents no end of hassle, however when we do see each other we get on fine on the whole and I do love her, after all, she's still my annoying little sister! Bear in mind we haven't actually spoken in months and months and only texted at Christmas and once since, she texted me just now asking if she could bring a friend to the wedding, and I definately felt a bit annoyed/upset/pissed off* not quite sure which! that the first and only question or interest she has shown in the wedding was to ask to bring someone along. Deep breath... ....on the other hand I guess at least she is thinking about it, which is a positive thing?!!! A quick text back from me to say sorry, but we're a bit short on numbers as it is and another reply from her saying ok! All fine. Still feeling a bit peeved about it really though. But I was thinking about some of the posts on here and as a result I had a brainwave and said well how about you bring your friend to the hen weekend (cheap, cheerful and should be great fun and is close to Mum and Dad's so she should get there easily enough!) She thought that a great idea. So there you go, sad as it is, wol has influence, even when I'm not online :o0
milis Posts: 7998
I never would have thought of suggesting the hen weekend, though I'm sure someone would have :o0 Us Wollies are becoming obsolete if you have entire posts going on in your head though ;o(
NowGone Posts: 8042
Being rational and reasonable is so....unfulfilling sometimes, though, isn't it? :o0
graceface Posts: 3632
[quote="NoZilla":34vbgrev]Being rational and reasonable is so....unfulfilling sometimes, though, isn't it? :o0[/quote:34vbgrev] Well, my idea is that if you go on Trisha or Jerry Springer just once in your life, you'll get all of the irrational and unreasonable out fo you in one go, and then being rational seems such an appealiong alternative again - you won't mind! Worked for me [img:34vbgrev][/img:34vbgrev]
chatter2cat Posts: 996
Sighhhhhh.... Have cheated myself. I wanted to vent about unreasonable sister, blah blah blah, anger, anger, >:o( hate, frustration O:| , more anger >:o( And get some good ol wollie replys, some sympathy, some diplomatically saying I'm a bridezilla, the blunt replys telling me to grow up and then some well meaning constructive ideas. Instead I am rational, reasonable and actually not even annoyed anymore. Cheated I tells ya, cheated :o( Jerry Springer wouldn't have me... must work on some outrageous behaviour. And fast.