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HisWife Posts: 314
Hi girls, Am on Yasmin for the last 12 days with the most awful side effects, don't think I can last another 9 days on it. Have been back to the doctor who has advised to stick it out at least til the end of this pack. Anyway, my question is (I've never been on the pill before this BTW) when I stop taking the pill, how long will it be before I get a period?? As you can see from my ticker, the big day is near, so if I did stop today for example, I would need to be getting my period pretty soon to be finished for the wedding. Please Advise _________________
MrsWire2b Posts: 335
I usually take my last pill on the Thursday, get my period on the Monday, and it's run it's course by the Saturday. I'm sure everyone is different tho.
sinion Posts: 6050
I'm on Yasmin too and for me I take my last pill of the pack at night and get my period bang on 9pm 4 days later everytime, could be different for everyone though. I'm having trouble with Yasmin too (find my thread 'bleeding between periods') but then again i've had problems with most pills i'm on so I think I'm just unlucky
pluto Posts: 3893
What are the side effects? I posted about this on Monday. I started back on the pill Sunday night and was suffering really badly with nausea. It's gone now though, I'm fine. If you can stick it out do. Like I said in my thread, the doc said to me the nausea is from the rapid rise of oestregen levels, similar to what happens when you get pregnant. Re. getting your period, when I've been on it previously, and taken the 7-day break, I normally get my period on the 4th/5th day of that break. If you continue taking it for the next 9 days, you will probably get your period on your honeymoon. If you don't want that, you could take it right through.
deisebabe Posts: 740
Id say go back to your doc and ask them to change it.Iwas on yasmin and had side effects too.headaches,bloating,really bad mood swings :oops: . Don't know if you can change it straight away and take one after the other but my advice would be talk to doc.
pluto Posts: 3893
When I was at the docs last week, she told me that if you just want to stop your period, there is a pill you can take 3 days before you are due , and for a week afterwards, . It's not a contraceptive, but it might be worth looking into with your doctor if you just want to stop your period for a while.
HisWife Posts: 314
Thanks Girls, Side effects which I felt from day 1 but never associated the two, Doh: Headaches Severe Nausea Tingly Tongue Tingling in face Completely zoned out Sleeplessness Cramps in Legs and feet (Thought I was having a dvt, but doc checked me out- normal side effect) Speech is funny-talking too fast etc Out of body feeling Giddiness Crying Sore Boobs Also am on Anti biotic for infection so it's not even doing what it is supposed to!!! I have to say, I feel a bit better today. I have been back to doc twice since I went on it as I really didn't expect this. He says it's normal and to stick it out. Got the prescription to delay my period when I do come off it, but not sure whether to stop the pill now or wait till I'm finished in 9 days!!
Bugsby Posts: 96
Hi, When I first started the pill I got a spotty rash on my face and put on a stone in weight. I was so silly - should have gone back to doctor as I never had spots in my life. Anyhow when I needed to go back for another 6 months subscription I told teh doctor then and she immediately took me off that one - organon - or something it was called and put me on a different one - mercillon - and I've had no problems since. There's different hormone levels in each pill and some suit and some don't. So i'd ask to be put on a milder one.
Alexis07 Posts: 64
If you stop the pill now in the middle of the pack you will have no idea when your period will arrive. At least if you stick it out for the rest of the pack you will get your bleed about 3/4 days after. Sounds like very severe side effects? What antibiotic are you on? If it is Augmentin some of these side effects may be attributed to that.
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Are you sure this is the pill and not the anti botic, i was allergic to Sinutab and got very similer symptoms to yours, giddiness, tingly face, out of body feeling. I also got bad nausea when i started Yasmin, it went after the first month. I found taking it when going to bed helped as the nausea came while i was asleep and by the morning i was fine. This is normal and if you are starting to feel better i would stick with it.