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wedjul05 Posts: 5673
I have been debating in my head if my DH and I need marriage councelling. I think it might help our situation. We are not in dire straits or anything but we end up having the same issues and going round in circles every few weeks or so. Nothing major but I think a relationship is something to be worked on and not taken for granted and I feel we are stuck at the minute. Someone mentioned councelling to me today and it got me thinking. i'm sure every couple has their issues and they can sort them out. I somehow feel its a sign of weakness to seek outside help or maybe it isn't? Maybe it's the complete opposite???? I'm rambling but anyone got an wisdom re councelling that they'd like to share???
Anahita Posts: 1161
Hi wedjul05, I definitely wouldn't see it as a sign of weakness at all, when I hear of someone going I think fairplay to them for looking for help instead of burying their head in the sand. Ad you say a marriage needs to be worked on. An outside perspective from a neutral source is always good, also they will speak the situation back to you so out loud and sometimes when you hear it like that it starts to make sense if you get me?
happyfamily Posts: 3323
I think that councelling is a good idea if you tend to end up fighting when you try to talk through your issues. It can help to have a mediator that allows one person to talk at a time. If you can talk through things without it breaking down into a big fight then i'd just try sitting down yourselves with a list of what you both want to talk about and agree not to use any bad language or get heater-easier said than done!!