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foxy_box Posts: 5
Man up. grow a pair of balls and sleep with his brother
Mrs Rocket Posts: 1824
[quote="foxy_box":2me5bqe5]Man up. grow a pair of balls and sleep with his brother[/quote:2me5bqe5] Not exactly very helpful foxy-box
Veruca-Salt Posts: 1542
[quote="foxy_box":2qdo1alt]Man up. grow a pair of balls and sleep with his brother[/quote:2qdo1alt] Odd.
Serendipity2009 Posts: 1224
Foxybox, that is no help at all. Chocolatel, it sounds to me like you are letting the whole wedding planning get to you, you need a break. Any chance you could go stay with you mam for a few days or anything like that? That is what I do when it all gets too much here, the housework, the mortgage, the wedding planning etc. You should get out of the house and go shopping, or have a girly day, a nice facial or manicure, something like that will make you feel better. As for H2B, when he says you do nothing, is this in relation to planning the wedding or cleaning the house? Either way, you need to 50/50 the jobs so you both do your bit and neither of you feel like the other is doing more than their fair share. If he expects you to do all of the cleaning that is bad too, tell him you have no intention of being mammy no2 to him, and that you are equal partners. Hope it works out for you. Have a cup of tea, and a squishy bath, this will help you to feel more calm. PM me if you want more help with this or you feel alone :)