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Hollylol Posts: 1072
Hi Gals, Wel Valentines Day is nearly upon us, I dont know about ye, but I am getting kinda excited..... :o)ll :o)ll Have any of ye anything special planned for your significant other.... Would you like to share.... or give any tips for a romantic night.... :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :action31 :action31 :action31 :action31 heheheheheheeh
Sodapop Posts: 3220
Pity Valentines is a Monday!! We'll just stay in and have a good meal/wine. I'm getting him a CD and card - we usually go small for it! however my birthday is the following weekend and we are going to a hotel for 2 nights (hotel voucher was a present from the wedding) so we'll kinda double celebrate it then! :o)ll
Hollylol Posts: 1072
Sodapop Posts: 3220
[quote="hollylol":4et8a5i2]We are going away the Sunday Night, We will be engaged one year on Valentines Day... :xox :xox :xox[/quote:4et8a5i2] Lovely!!!!!! Congrats *)
stick Posts: 1229
Its H2B's birthday so we are both off work. going menu tasting on the sundaya t lunch and then to watch the ireland rugby game and then out to a night club(on a school night :o)ll ) prob go for lunch on the Monday
lolabelle Posts: 3311
DH and I will celebrate Valentines over the weekend before. We'll be staying in and having a home cooked meal.
Hollylol Posts: 1072
Good to see that we are all thinking and planning stuff to do..... :o)ll :o)ll anyone any tips of a nice meal I could cook for OH that eve.... :lvs :lvs
Kittyboo Posts: 1591
DH has booked a meal in a resturant for Valentines Day. I know some of you might not find that as something different/nice etc....but myself and DH have been together over 10 years now and we've never had a meal out on Valentines Day :ooh We always stay in one of us cooks the other a nice meal or get a take away and snuggle up on the couch. So I'm really looking forward to it as its a) our first Valentines as husband and wife and b) first meal out together for Valentines
luppy Posts: 246
well my htb is going skiing for the week so myself and the dog will be snuggling up on the couch. :weep :weep !! i'll be working and studying so no fun although might head out with the girlies for a good girlie night :hic :hic :hic
Jawl Posts: 8881
Mr. Jawl, myself and our 2 nephews are going away overnight to a hotel on the Sat nite previous. Hardly romantic :o0 But on the day itself, we're going to get an M&S Dine in jobby, and have a nice night snuggled on the couch :lvs