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Trixy3 Posts: 2041
I got engaged last November and will be 36 getting married :wv
Golden Bride Posts: 44
Got engaged at 34 will be 35 getting married. Together 5 and a half years
Miah Posts: 2738
Engaged at 30 and 10 months, married at 31 and seven months. We were together 5 years when we got wed :lvs :lvs :lvs
kittypurry Posts: 897
i'll be the baby on here then :o0 i got engaged when i was 17 but when we tie the knot i'll be 23. at 1st everyone said i was too young but i know in my heart i was just lucky that i met my soul mate the first time around rather than having to endure heartbreak like so many other people. i dont see whats wrong with getting engaged young when you know in your heart that its the person you will be with for the rest of your life :xox
mollyeile Posts: 2486
Engaged at 24, getting married at 27.
under construction Posts: 3458
Got engaged at 22 - we were together almost 5 years then, got married at 25. Together just over 11 years now :lvs
Serendipity2009 Posts: 1224
Got engaged at 25 after 1 year and 5 months together. Getting married in Sept when I will be 28 and we will be 3 years and 9 months together.
hopeful13 Posts: 501
got engaged at 29, we'll be married 10 days before i turn 31. We were together less than 2 years when we got engaged :lvs
Sweets08 Posts: 958
Engaged at 28 after 8 years, will be 29 and almost 9 years together when we get married in 6 months! :lvs
ceedy Posts: 67
Dating 3 yrs-ish before engagement. Engaged a couple of days before 34 birthday, wedding couple of days before 36 birthday. Hope for children soon after! :-8