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sillymoo Posts: 337
Got engaged at 22 and married at 25 and had a baby inbetween
mmgirish Posts: 617
Got engaged at 28 getting married at 30. Will have been together nearly 5 years when we get married.
whitedaisy Posts: 761
aww its lovely to hear everyones different story's...your never too young or too old i think if it feels right for you then thats your time!! im not engaged myself, only in a fairly new relationship...althought I look forward to when it is my turn :-8
bubblesjenny Posts: 655
ok mine is probably the longest engagement ever....... Got enagaged at 22 will be 30 getting married!!! We decided to have children and buy our home first We are together 14 years this year...H2B will be 29 getting married
excitementcity Posts: 1007
Engaged at 27 and I will be married at 28. We're together 9 yrs :lvs :lvs :lvs
MrsWhippy09 Posts: 2346
Engaged just before my 24th birthday and will be getting married just three weeks before my 28th bday. We were five years together when we got engaged and will be 9 years together the week before we get married. :lvs
muir Posts: 212
I got engaged at 26, everyone thought we were nuts. Got married last year at 29, hubby was 32.
Bejewelled Wife Posts: 2190
Got engaged at 28 - Married at 30. Engagement is only 15 months though. The week we get married will have been together 7 years. :xox
Rubyrose Posts: 5522
We got engaged after 3 1/2 yrs together on my 25th Birthday. Getting married on the day of our 5 1/2 yr anniversary (10 days before my 27th birthday) H2B turns 30, 4 days before the wedding. We've known eachother for years , he's my brothers best friend :xox :xxx :xox :xxx :xox :xxx :xox :xxx :xox :xxx :xox :xxx
funkychunky Posts: 205
[quote="princess2707":2z25vshv]i'll be the baby on here then :o0 i got engaged when i was 17 but when we tie the knot i'll be 23. at 1st everyone said i was too young but i know in my heart i was just lucky that i met my soul mate the first time around rather than having to endure heartbreak like so many other people. i dont see whats wrong with getting engaged young when you know in your heart that its the person you will be with for the rest of your life :xox[/quote:2z25vshv] I met him at age 15, got engaged at 18 and would have been getting married next year and we would have been 10 years together but we split up a short while ago. i thought he was my soulmate we were too young, we both needed to have experienced other people, places etc. in my case people were right, i hope that you prove people wrong though! :xox