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funkychunky Posts: 205
[quote="dafbird":iybwe3jb]I met my H2B when I was 14 & he was 16 but we didn't get together till I was 24. I was mad about him for years. I'm glad we got experience travel & other relationship before we got together. I knew when I was 14 I was in love with him I'm lucky my love survived till we were ready to be together.[/quote:iybwe3jb] aw thats lovely!
laketahoe Posts: 119
I'm probably the oldest bride :) got engaged at 44 and getting married next month at 45 Knew my h2b for a year before we got engaged, no point in hanging around at our age :)
married08 Posts: 226
Got engaged June 07 - week before my 31st birthday we'd been together 3 1/2 years Got married Oct 08 at 32 yrs old - together 5 years and 2 months Hubbie is the same age (only 3 weeks older than me)
i want one Posts: 2893
got engaged jan 07 at 21 got married oct 08 at 23 hubbie was 29 getting married. We are together now just over 6 years! :lvs :lvs
Hobnob09 Posts: 128
Met when we were 18. Got engaged at 25, both will be nearly 28 when we get married.
Hen2B Posts: 450
10 years together this April. Got engaged on my 28th Birthday Will be getting married a few days after my 29th Birthday
yankiecandle Posts: 2888
started going out at 18, engaged at 26 & will be married at 29 mental we will be together 11 yrs before we're married!
woohoo09 Posts: 630
engaged at 27 and getting married at 28.
esmum Posts: 426
4 years together. Got engaged at 30 and got married 8 months later still 30.
mrswifey09 Posts: 1300
together almost 7 years, got engaged when i was just turned 23 and will be married in 3 months time and im 24!!!! h2b is 27! people are saying we're too young to but most of them are people who i work with and are single so dont understand! all our families and friends had been asking us for the last 4 years when we would be giving them a day out!!