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roma2011 Posts: 1208
H2B was my housemate in college back in 2000/2001. We were best friends but always seeing other people and somehow our friendship survived numerous long-term partners with jealousy issues. Got together last July, got engaged this January, and will be married in June 2010. Can't wait! :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll Feel so lucky that I'm marrying my best friend and soulmate. :xox
rockstar Posts: 1815
i feel so young :o0 Got engaged on my 19th birthday, will be 23 getting married! we will be together almost 7 years when we get married :lvs
joker Posts: 2789
Engaged at 26,, married at 27 OMG h2B Engaged 26, Married at 28... Its all so real.... :lvs :lvs :lvs
bluebell12 Posts: 52
Engaged at 27 ,will be 29 on our wedding day this October. We will be 10 years together :xox
Shannoncailin Posts: 1038
Engaged at 26 years, 9 months. Married at 27 years, 6 months. We got married 2 weeks shy of our 4th anniversary.
happilywed Posts: 638
got engaged at 18 will be 21 when we get married in october :xox
bamboo Posts: 278
We got engaged at age 27 and will be getting married just turned 29. Will be together 6 years by then. :o)ll :o)ll
lemon21 Posts: 366
engaged at 21, will be married by 22, will be together 3 and a half years on our wedding. think im the youngest here?! :lvs
Tinkerbella Posts: 167
Hi :wv Together 9 years. Got engaged aged 23years Getting married aged 27 years
mini mama Posts: 834
I was 33 getting engaged and will be 35 getting married...cant wait :lvs