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b2b2011 Posts: 31
Got engaged at 22, will be married at 24 :wv I'm surprised so many others here are the same as me - my friends were shocked when I got engaged young!!
MrsMuttly Posts: 377
Met h2b when I was 15 got engaged when I was 19 and will be 22 when we get married. Will be 7 years together when we get married!! :o)ll :o)ll
StarXX Posts: 141
Engaged at 28, turned 29 two months later and will be married at 30. Always thought I'd be married by 28 latest, took a bit longer to find the man though!!
MeSB Posts: 3785
april10 Posts: 72
engaged at 29, will be married next year before my 31st birthday. h2b will be 35. we are together 7 years now. living together for 5 years. know each other 11 years wouldnt change a thing :xox still madly in love :o)ll :o)ll
feb08bride Posts: 656
met a week before my 18th, engaged two weeks before my 23rd birthday and married 4 weeks before my 26th, himself was 30 when we got married
lil miss giggles Posts: 144
engaged at 25, after 6 months together be 26 when get married this august - day after h2b's bday so he'll be 26 too! b2b2011 i know what you mean - surprised so many people younger than us - coz most of friends think we're too young!
TAZ DEVIL Posts: 1706
going out since we were 18 got engaged at 24 il be married this year at the grand old age of 27!!
prettylady Posts: 578
Engaged at 23, will be 24 when I get married later this year. H2b is 25, weve been together for 6 years!
happilywed Posts: 638
didnt realise i forgot to put in how long were were together .... together 3 years this week :xox .engaged on my 18 birthday will be 21 this july and getting married 3 months later ...h2b is 10 years older :lvs