Who to have as Bridsmades???

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Ehappy3 Posts: 6
Hello, this is prob going to sound very weird, but I’m not engaged as yet but it will be happening soon. Only problem is I don’t know who I would have as my bridesmaids. As such I don’t have any 1 or 2 best friends I just have friends. I have relocated from my hometown and as a result I don’t have many friends where I live now. I have my old friends at home but only see them maybe once every two months. I had a very close friend here who I defiantly would have had as a bridesmaid but unfortunately we had a huge falling out and it was a very upsetting experience. So she is no longer a friend. I have 2 sisters who will have to be bridesmaids and I also have to have my boyfriend’s sister, now I have a younger cousin who I get on very well with but she is an only child so I always promised her I would have her. So I would have no problem having my 2 sisters my sister to be and my cous. But I feel I would have to have a friend doesn’t everyone have a friend???? I have a friend at home but as I said I wouldn’t see her a lot and I think she would be surprised if I asked her?? I don’t want to look a fool!! Can anyone help???
lovindis Posts: 642
can you not just have your two sisters and cousin. You dont need to explain to anyone why they are bridesmaids, its fairly obvious, htey are family!
Ehappy3 Posts: 6
Yes, I have no problem with my sisters and cousin, its just i would like to have a friend and dont most people have friends as bridsmades as well as family??
lovindis Posts: 642
but then you need to decide if you want 3 or 4 bridesmaids and if your H2B wants 4 people too. Very few of my friends have had friends, they have had sisters and cousins actually the only one that had friends, her sister died a few years ago so thats why she had friends.
MrsTiredbride Posts: 3397
I'd pick family on either side to be bridesmaid. In fact I've two bridesmaids and I'm sorry I just didn't pick my sister as my bridesmaid and nobody else.
gina1 Posts: 215
I've never heard that you have to have friends as bridesmaid I had my two sisters and I have some very close friends but couldn't decide between them so decided two was more than enough Was delighted I didn't have friends as it meant I didn't have to insult anyone by not picking them
mrsgameover Posts: 383
I'm just having my sister and niece. I have two other sisters and plenty of close friends but never even thought about having any of my friends as BMs tbh. I don't think there is any requirement to have a friend. I would go with the girls you have.
ceewa Posts: 478
Most people that I know have only had sisters or cousins as bridesmaids. I don't know anyone who would be put out if they weren't asked when you have family as bridesmaids.
Sugarcake Posts: 190
I am having my only sister & my H2B's younger sister & that is it. I never have even thought about having a friend, I have a couple of people I could ask but I am happy with having just 2. A friend got married last year & she ended up with 6 bridesmaids becuase she did not want to offend anyone, she even apologised to me that I wasnt asked also but as I said to her she had no need to explain herself to me. She ended up with 6 girls, her CBM didnt do a thing as she said everytime she did something regarding the hen etc a row started. Even the day of my friends wedding it was obvious that there was no communication between her BM's. Remember how ever many you have, these people will be involved in your wedding so you will be spending time with them & they will be spending time together etc so I think keep it simple. I hope you are happy with whatever you decide. :wv
woohoo09 Posts: 630
I'm having one sister as my chief bridesmaid and my little sister as a mini bmaid as she'll only be eleven. no rules really apply!! Chose who you think will be most supportive to you. good luck with your choice , and with your engagement! :wv