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MGTE Posts: 471
Your sister is being unreasonable. mine has turned up at my house to try her dress on and make sure it fitted perfectly and has been looking online for me to try and find matching shoes and shrug she and my sister would be comfortable in. My sister was in a bad caraccident a few months ago and will never be able to wear shoes with heels again, not easy to fine suitable flat shoes for the wedding (to go with knee length dresses) and she has been looking up stuff for the hen.
Trixy3 Posts: 2041
I wouldn't take it personal...she is probably begininnig to panic about the big day and taking it out on her nearest and dearest... I was chief bridemaid for my sister and it was so easy...went wedding dress shopping with her a couple of times...went to a wedding fair...went bridemaid dress shopping and listened to her rant and rave about the wedding preperations.... Ye will be fine on the day....enjoy it :wv :wv :wv