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lets go fly a kite Posts: 2388
hagfromhell Posts: 2146
[quote="BouncyL":383bsvc7][quote="lets go fly a kite":383bsvc7][quote="BouncyL":383bsvc7][quote="blink":383bsvc7]just realised prob a troll.[/quote:383bsvc7] My sentaments Blink. Strange for a first post. [b:383bsvc7] Not making any accusations, just an opinion.[/b:383bsvc7] [/quote:383bsvc7] WOW! Are the thought police on WOL really so effective that people have to apologise for having an opinion?[/quote:383bsvc7] There is no apology here. I was stating a fact. I know you fancy yourself as thought police on WOL but you have a long way to go.[/quote:383bsvc7] I don't understand? What are thought police?? I really need to spend more time at this :-8
mariac Posts: 982
[quote="BouncyL":1jxqh5if][quote="mariac":1jxqh5if][quote="lets go fly a kite":1jxqh5if][img:1jxqh5if][/img:1jxqh5if][/quote:1jxqh5if] nice to have a face to the name - are you upset because your kite flew away :weep[/quote:1jxqh5if] Nah she's advertising to see if anyone would consider her for an open relationship. Not going to happen!! :o0[/quote:1jxqh5if] well you know what they say for every old sock there is an old boot :o0