hi Anon just noticed this post now,how did you get on in the end,did you talk to your husband?have to say you done absolutely nothing wrong,I have male friends and there's no way in hell I would be told I wasn't allowed have them as mates,your husband is very controlling,the cheek of him getting angry at you just because you were in the same house as a couple of men,that is ridiculous,as for liking male attention,all women like attention,I still like to see someone else noticing me it gives a bit of a boost etc,it's nice to know you still appeal to other men even if you are in a relationship,nothing wrong with that.Anyway anon your husband is bang out of order,you really need to get it sorted,I have seen relationships turn very nasty in similar situations and the last thing that you want is to be out with your husband and be afraid to turn your head sideways out of fear of an arguement starting or him getting abusive with a bloke for looking at you etc,that's not right at all,seriously you need to get it sorted,go to counselling with him if he will go,I would seriously think long and hard about the relationship if I were you,you don't want to be living in fear all of your life,I genuinely feel very sorry for you,hope you're ok anon let us know how you're getting on :xox