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tsalta Posts: 329
I'm not inviting anyone from work. I do think that the boss and one or two others half expect to be invited but as it's a while yet to the big day, I am going to start the immediate family wedding thing too. We haven't got the room and to be honest only really want those we really want there on the day not people who we invited for the sake of it! Helps that our wedding is in a different country too though!! :o0
smilesalot Posts: 49
I posted this topic ages ago as well, at one point i was really worried about not inviting them. A little while ago my boss actually showed me photos of the wedding of a girl who previously worked in my company, he was invited to hers and so were others from the company, and i think it was a blatent attempt of saying he expects an invite, but alas i don't care. Ive no real relationship with any of them, and i want to be able to let my hair down and have a laugh with the people i really want there! I too will be playing the 'intimate wedding' card! :wv
ozypozy Posts: 2950
We both work for the same company so there will be quite a few who will be invited. Most of them are people who we've both worked closely with since we started working there so we genuinely will want them there. Having said that there will be a few bubbles burst!
Face Posts: 117
Mrs.July0408 Posts: 1842
[color=purple:a7serp10]I'm a teacher & only started in my school in September & was stressing about this too. However, was speaking to another teacher who's getting married next year & has been working there 5 years. She says she's not inviting anyone to the wedding but she might send an evening invitation. I'm going to invite my principal & poss vice principal (have to stay on their good side :o0 ) & 3 girls I've gotten close to. Everyone else will get an evening invitation. I'm guessing most won't go! I'm a worrier & wouldn't be able to face going back into work if I hadn't sent some sort of invitation. I wish I had a couldn't care less attitude like the other teacher but unfortunately I don't & I'd cringe anytime someone asked me about the wedding if I hadn't sent any invitation! Sorry, went on a bit there! :o0 [/color:a7serp10]
charlotteyork Posts: 1275
We're not inviting anyone. At first I was thinking of sending an evening invite but then I decided that it was madness as I don't particularly like anyone I work with, I certainly don't socialize with them and we don't even have a Christmas Party so what the heck was I thinking?? It would be different if I had been getting married in previous jobs because we used to meet up once every two weeks for nights out, but in this hell hole being helpful and friendly is not something that is encouraged O:|
goblyn Posts: 796
I really don't know the etiquette (spl) on this one either. I don't really want to invite anyone from work as I don't particulary like any of them but two people in the company have got married in the last 3 years and have sent and evening invite out to everyone - but I don't think anyone actually went! I really don't want to invite them but I feel that if I don't its being really really rude. I might just quit before the wedding to save myself the hassle :o0
Indiana Posts: 204
Not inviting anyone from work, agree with previous posts - don't want to be reminded in any way of work on the day....
sillysocks Posts: 1390
I work in a big company so just going to invite one or two of my good friends in there that I would have lunch with every day and see sometimes out of work. But H2B works in a small place with only 15 staff (all women!) and he wants to invite them all!! He's afraid that if he only picks some out of them they'll all start giving out and b*tching like only women can. I just hope they wont all actually come!
glowgal Posts: 949
I don't want to invite anyone from work, not even to the afters. Im only working here less than a year and don't paticularly like the people and couldn't be bothered to socialise with them. Its a smallish company though and I think some of them are expecting an invite. A girl from work asked me the other day did I know who I was inviting from work, I felt like saying nobody you fu*king nosy b*tch. Why do people think just because you work together that they are entitled to an invite!! O:|