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strawberry shortcake Posts: 9094
Well guys as some of you might now broke up with the ex last oct because I found him cheating. Anyway we had come to an agreement for the time being as i wanted to stay in the house and he wanted to have an investment we would jointly keep it, both paying each share. Over the last few months we started getting on great maybe it was because we were not killing each other, on numerous times he would come back and ask me could we start again and how he still wanted everything, how he still sees the house as our house and wants the family etc. Texts were from him everyday, babe, hun, i miss you, i cant let you go etc etc Until yesterday when i found out he was engaged!!! To the one he two timed me with, well one of them i know there was more. I was so shocked and gutted I rang her number and told her everything. Told her we still had the house, he was still texting me, etc she said they had a fight over me other night because she saw my name under texts from his phone and he wouldnt show her. Of course when I did it i get 4/5 texts from him to call him ....... eh no!!! I'm totally gutted, and I know what everyones thinking I had a lucky escape, hes an a*s and would never make me happy. Guess I was just holding onto a tiny bit of hope. I still wanted everything with him even though that sounds so silly after what he did, but you cant change the way you feel about someone. Sorry about the long rant but i just feel so s*it, and I know given time it will heel I've got over worse.
Curly Miss Posts: 473
Ah god, I'm sorry to hear that. What an assh*le! You don't sound silly at all, like you said, you can't just turn off your feelings for someone, and he was stringing you along. Fair play to you for ringing the girl, she deserves to know what he's like, the cheeky fecker. But this is a kick in the teeth you didn't need. Hope you're ok, stay strong.
MrsBlues Posts: 5170
Jaysus SS! Well, at least now you're 100% certain that he's a shit, and that you did the right thing. Like you say, time will heal. You obviously still have feelings for him, which is only natural after a long relationship like that, but it'll get better, you'll move on, and one day forget all about him. May he be struck down with chronic diarrhea with no toilet access.
Boulevard Posts: 995
SS you are so well rid!! Seriously, I am so glad that you have taken the viewpoint you have. Look at all you have been through, you are such a strong woman and don't need his crap anymore. I pity the poor girl with him now. At least she knows now what he is like. Jesus!! God that makes me so mad!! [url=][img:1777nyaf][/img:1777nyaf][/url:1777nyaf]
NowGone Posts: 8042
You shouldn't feel gutted, you should feel vindicated! You were right, and he's an ashole. Now you can move on, safe in the knowlegde that you have NOT made a mistake!
Psycho Sue Posts: 1875
Hey SS, You poor pet! hope you are ok. You were right at the start and its great that you stayed strong and reesisted his attempts to get you back. He dosesn't deserve you or that other poor girl, and you were right to let her know the truth. NoZilla [quote:1wdonbaf]You shouldn't feel gutted, you should feel vindicated! You were right, and he's an ashole. Now you can move on, safe in the knowlegde that you have NOT made a mistake! [/quote:1wdonbaf] I agree with Nozzy though, you can now move on in the safe knowledge that you did the right thing. You deserve someone soooo much better hun!!! sue
gerbil Posts: 3528
he is a prick, SS a complete prick and you were damn right about him. Don't beat yourself up for still liking him, or for hoping, that is perfectly normal. It's his behaviour that is abnormal, he is a freak and his new fiancé better not think he'll change. He cheated on you, and he's cheating on her. Lovely. I know this hurts but it really is the last pain, the last death throes before you can really genuinely move on. Sometimes we need to see just how low someone can be before we can truly let go - that just means you ahve a big heart and loved him. Someone else out there will actually appreciate that in you - it just won;t be wasted on him now.
strawberry shortcake Posts: 9094
[quote="mrs. blues":3bwosy7k] May he be struck down with chronic diarrhea with no toilet access.[/quote:3bwosy7k] :o0 :o0 :o0 thanks guys, its always great to chat to you all here, i didnt know really how people would react, as my best mate told he it was a silly thing to do ringing her and it would all blow up in my face, but felt i had to tell her because why should he still have the same life after what went on and I'm the one left behined with the heartbreak and him just f*n going on like nothing happened. I've an appointment with bank manager tomorrow please say a prayer all will go well I just want him out of my life at this stage.
Boulevard Posts: 995
I think you did the right thing by calling her. I would have done it also. I will have my fingers crossed for you tomorrow SS. He is such an ass honestly. Outside perspective is a great thing. I think he has problems. [url=][img:1q4649ib][/img:1q4649ib][/url:1q4649ib]
love struck Posts: 1125
strawberry shortcake You well off without him.. Most guys keep hanging around as they dont want to see you with someone else... Well feck him its time you moved on and by going to the bank manager that is the first step. Remember for you this is the best time to buy him out with the current market... But make sure you get a good solictor or you could be liable for all sorts of taxes... A good solictor will be able to work aronnd these!! Also keep in mind an interest only mortgage, my friend recently split and she bough the old oh out... But she had to go interest only for the first 2 years before the banks would give her the mortgage... Good Luck with it... I am sure there is someone special out there for you, who will treat you like you SHOULD be treated... Take this from a girl who was in a 7 year relation and thought I'd never be able to move on... Well I am glad I did I have married the man of my dreams who treats me so well and I am due my first babs soon.. I would never had this in my previous relation. I truely believe everything happens for the right reasons... And good on you for ringing the other woman.. Why should he get away with things scott free!! Good Luck!!