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Welsh goddess Posts: 370
Mrs Beasley you made me laugh so hard just now because everyone reacts the same when I tell them these things -- at first its like "Oh she just misses her son" blah blah blah but then when you tell them everything she has done its like "is she all there?" LadyMary things are going great now thank god with me and H2B and yes he learned from his mistakes because his mistakes nearly cost him his family and house because I had had enough and I threw him out and turned off my phone for about 2wks and had nothing to do with him. Its funny when it comes to men there seems to be one rule for them but another for you. If I did anything like that he would freak out but yet when he was doing it I was constantly told I was overreacting. with you H2b at least you know thats what he is like but mine would deliberately start an argument with me because that was his excuse to stay out longer and drinsk more or else conviniently his phone would go dead!! O:|
Welsh goddess Posts: 370
Girls please check out my FMIL update thread to see the latest of my FMIL antics. I swear to god this time she has really puched me too far
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Mrs Beasley Posts: 589
Oh for Gods sake >:o(