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MeSB Posts: 3785
ozypozy Posts: 2950
What a prick. What's wrong with him topping up his own mobile? He needs to cop onto himself big time. Hope you're feeling better :thnk
I-dunno Posts: 20
Oh my god, you poor poor thing! You cannot let him talk to you like that he sounds like a bully, picking on you when you are at your most vulnerable >:o( Could you maybe go back to your mum's for a while to get your head straight? He's going to have to face up to his responsibility sometime but he needs a fright. How did he treat you prior to you getting pregnant?
blissful2b Posts: 1555
i'd perhaps just suggest to go to your mum's for a week. just even for a little break to let everyhting calm down. you could do with some support from your family right now, just some friendly might be the wake up call he needs for him to get his priorities straight however, he is totally in the wrong to speak to you like that. there is absolutely no excuse for it. so when he comes to his senses, stand up for yourself and tell him thats unacceptable. it's a bit wierd that he thought of taking his work clothes in the heat of an argument...was he planning on going somewhere beforehand?
nea dude Posts: 749
As much as i love my DH and our relationship is going well, I would NEVER tolerate such behaviour. If you own the house together don't leave it, stay as it is your family home. Instead go and speak with a solicitor and see what your options are. If he doesn't want to be with you, make him leave. If you accept this now, what will happen if you have a cross baby and he can't cope, will he kick you out in the street for that too? Allowing him walk all over you and behave like this when you are pregnant is just setting yourself up for an abusive relationship. He will reduce you to nothing in the end, do you deserve that?
blossimhill Posts: 400
sorry but have to agree with the rest of them WHAT A PRICK, u poor devil, how are u today, it would be great for u to get urself out of that situation and if u could go to ur sisters or mothers for a day or to just to give ur husband time to think and let him know in no uncertain terms that u will not put up with that type of treatment, if u except it now he will treat u like this in the future, u need more respect and so does ur baby. take care of urself :xox :xox :xox :xox :xox
cremebrulee Posts: 8546
That's such an awful way to be treating you... he should be looking after you when you're pregnant.
boobies Posts: 1625
Hi, How are you today? I think you need to show him what he is missing. Book a night away does'nt have to be that far and stay in a b&b if you have to, take some time out for yourself or book a weekend to go home, tell him what he said to you was inexcusible and it would hurt you at he besst of times but it is ten times worse when you are pregnant. For Gods sake you need all the love, support and patience when your in this condition. Especially after losing a baby already!! I remember I used to rant and rave for the first couple of months of being pregnant and when I think back on it now my hubby was a saint. If things got though he would just say 'im goin out until 'we' calm down' He would never call me such things in fact anybody who says he loves you never should! I know its hard on him too especially after losing a baby but you should'nt be making excuses. I hope things work out for you and we are always here for you, good luck and mind yourself and your precious baby :lvs
anika Posts: 2194
hiya, couldnt read and not reply. i really feel 4 u, i hope things r better today!!! me and h2b never argue, ok we have discussions r anything like that but come on, even if there's an argument, we never talk to each other like that. i wouldnt even dream of calling him names, and h2b wouldnt either. he just cant talk to u like that and call u these names.he is supposed to love u and support u esp when ur pregnant. that idiot has no sense at all. i hope u 2 will sort things out!!! :xxx
anon12 Posts: 3
Guys i cannot thank you enough for all your care and comments it really does help so much and i do not feel so alone. Well he came home last night about 8 and went straight up the stair and into bed, decided enough was enough so up i went i asked him what had happend this morning and what had i done to deserve that, after a few choice words he pulled his horns in big apoligies etc, however i just cant forgive him so easily. My mum is coming over on friday for a long weekend so i have booked us to go away for the night when she is here which will do me the world of good, me and oh do not really spend much time together due to work hours during the week so plently of time for me to get my head sorted, maybe i am being harsh but i just feel a sorry does not wash this time, however i really do love him and this is a side i have never seen but i am scared it will show again. O:o) anyway thank you each and everyone who took the time out to reply big thanks to you all.