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Missus Lippy Posts: 5879
Enjoy the time away and hopefully it will give himself something to think about. How was he the last time you were PG? It really sounds to me like he has no respect for you at all, you wouldn't say that to a dog. Also, I think you are putting too much emphasis on the phone credit, that probably had nothing to do with why he said it, it was just the thing that made him say it. Either way, once your mum has gone back, you really need to sit down and have it out with him because besides anything else, you are PG and you don't need the stress >:o( PS I have edited my post as I am getting this one mixed up with Monika's one, sorry and thanks sunshine :thnk :thnk :thnk I am the confused one, not you :-8 going away now (slinks off) :-8 :-8
Anonymous Posts: 24542
you take care and put your self first . take your time make the right descision. miss lippy where did it say about abortion im a bit confused which does not take much
boobies Posts: 1625
so delighted for you anon i feel you are doing right by yourself and great that your getting away for a night. Take care and best of luck in becoming a mammy :wv
Ca cest moi Posts: 7855
[quote="Hepburn":33ce1a21]Does he talk to you like that on a regular basis? If so, go! ASAP.[/quote:33ce1a21] Agree with Hepburn. Enjoy the time with your mum by the way and hopefully you can relax and enjoy yourself. :wv
anika Posts: 2194
enjoy the time with ur mum hun and relax. give urself and the baba a rest and when u come back home with charged batteries sit down with him and explain to him how u feel about this whole situation and hopefully things will work out between u and him. he might realise what he's done to u when u r away and he's all alone, that will give him time to think as well. take care and all the best for yer future together :action32
lovindis Posts: 642
[quote="anon12":2vyte7f4]Have went anon for this just looking for a bit advise. Have had a huge row with OH this morning over something stupid anyway bottom line is i am 18 weeks pregnant and having a bit of a hard time i lost my baby before and just constantly worried i no it must be hard for oh but i try to hide a lot of my tears from him as he does not cope with tears anyway today a huge argument started over me forgetting to get him a top up for his mobile phone, He told me to f*ck off back to my mums and that i was a fat B*as*a*d. He then stormed out with his golf clubs leaving me sitting in tears, i just do not no what to do, Ihave no family here or really friends only his pals OHs as i left my family to move and live with him, Should i just pack my bags and go, he said i should go and bring the baby up my self i really do not no what to do think i am going mad.[/quote:2vyte7f4] OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF!! Does he usually speak to you like that??? My initial reaction is to pack your bags and go and give him a damn good frights but thats probably the immature solution. I just cant understand how he could speak to you like that!! I fat b*stard. Swear to god there would be an imprint of my foot in his h*le!
sandym Posts: 774
What a twat.completley unforgivable even moreso that your pregnant with his child for christ sake! enjoy the time with your mam and hopefully you'll make the correct decision on what you need to do..i know these things aren't black and white and only you know what you should do but like you said yourself if you have doubts that this behaviour may resurface you need to address it you would do this i have no idea but if i were you i'd turn off my mobile and not talk to him for the weekend and assess the situation..i wouldn't even bother with warning him that if he behaves this way again your gone..if he was anyway decent he'd realise that himself. good luck :thnk