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stockbroking bride Posts: 2642
[quote="Shin":1v3aeppk] I've been in that situation before but without the house but it's the same feeling. [/quote:1v3aeppk] It's the end of a seven year relationship for the OP not a 7 week one!!!
only deadly Posts: 491
Hi Andi C Im so so sorry to hear your sad news... I know you dont think it but it will get better and you will end up so much happier. .. I cant advise on your relationship as no one can all you can do is keep the chin up and have all your friends and family around you and with their support and the wollies support you will be fine :thnk Now regarding the house I am mortgage consultant and Unfortunatley I have loads of cases exactly like yours so many it would actually scare the bejasus out of you .. you have to get the house valued to see if you are in loss or profit as if its a profit you may have to buy your ex partner out . If you break even and you both agree you are to buy the house its like a full mortgage again except in your name only you should speak to the bank you have your mortgage with at the moment as they will see the history of repayments ect and like me Im sure they have had a lot of cases in the same capacity as yourself and they will go over the process step by step with you .... The very best of luck with it if you have any more questions pm me anytime ... I promise it will get betterxxxxx
Milly83 Posts: 3620
Couldn't read and not reply. H2B and myself were having similar issues a while ago. We were constantly arguing over money and the wedding and the house. It was horrible. I was almost going to leave but we worked things out and pushed through it. Financial strain and the pressures of a house can be so difficult so definately know where you are coming from. I hope everything will be ok for you hon, you'll get through this and come out better on the other side. :thnk :action32