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DeeBee06 Posts: 22
cleopatra Posts: 154
[quote:2metwywo]So am I just madly jealous and insecure or are my feelings unreasonable?[/quote:2metwywo] I think your being reasonable. His behaviour is a bit odd. I'd feel the same if my hubby met a girl that frequently. Not sure what you can do though only confront him and ask him straight out if he fancies this girl?
MRS NYEB2007 Posts: 3275
It all comes down to trust at the end of the day, do you trust him. I would have reacted the same as you though!! ;)
Moet for me Posts: 1841
Ray D'arcy did a great program on cheating a few weeks back and the one quote that stuck in my mind from it was the likelihood of a person cheating is directly proportional to their opportunity to do so. Now I am not saying your partner is cheating in any way shape of form I just think that if the 2 of them are heading out together it should be with a group from work or with you not ever ever alone. My dh went out for the night with one of his best mates girlfriends because she was storming out of the pub as he went in after a fight with her own boyfriend so he followed her and they went somewhere else. I told him I'd rather it didn't happen again since I don't believe alcohol and emotions are a good combination and I totally trust both of the people involved so I definitely think I'd be putting my foot down with a workmate.
007 Posts: 1462
i think you have every right to feel the way you do- that's not saying there is anything going on but you have the right to question him on it and let him know that its starting to come between you. you are the important one, once he sees its an issue, he should pull back a bit from her, even if they are only work mates
mrs sarah c Posts: 522
I would go mad.There must be more than work mates to this...How would he feel if you were doing this?? Ask him straight out if he fancies her..maybe he just likes the attention. Either way I would say "either her or me"..
x Posts: 14
Imagine it was you and another guy from work, if it was innocent and your h2b asked you questions, you would do anything in your power to reassure him and thats what your h2b should do if this is innocent.
miss sixty Posts: 467
Hi Dee Bee 06, I totally agree with a few posts here. This is a serious situation and you are not over-reacting at all honey. [quote:39a8do6n]He argued that he hadn't lied, he just hadn't mentioned it as he knew I'd get jealous[/quote:39a8do6n] He is aware that his behavior is not normal. Afterall she called around the last time you were gone too..........does she call around when your there??? [quote:39a8do6n][quote:39a8do6n]She said she didn't as it was too "couple-sy". In fairness there was me and him and another couple, but there were also the 2 lads from work[/quote:39a8do6n]I think she did that cos you were there with him. [quote:39a8do6n]quote]He went for pints with her (just the 2 of them) after work during the week too at one stage, although he was still home early enough, 8 [/quote:39a8do6n]Now had there been a crowd of workmates I would say fair enough BUT just the 2 of them...I dont like the sound of that TBH (sorry) [quote:39a8do6n]Yesterday I read his texts and he had one from her "I'm not complicated", which reads a bit flirty to me [/quote:39a8do6n] Thats sounds way too flirty to me. Did you read through his sent items....what was the reply about? [quote:39a8do6n]She is in 7 out of 10 of the photos, 3 of her only. He'd normally show me that kind of thing. [/quote:39a8do6n][/quote:39a8do6n] I would question my hubby if he had photos of another woman (alone) in his phone. Sorry for all the questions but this doesnt add up at all. I dont want to alarm you but I think its time for a good heart to heart with your DF.
Phoenix Posts: 836
Hey to be honest I am a bit surprised that you haven't tried to sort this out before....I really don't think you are over-reacting. You need to sit down and talk to him about this, I am not saying for one second that he is cheating on you but the fact is his behaviour is not acceptable to you. You need to make him understand that you are hurt and upset by his decision to spend time alone with this be honest if it was me I would probably say that I would prefer if they didn't go out alone at all....there is no need for them to. If they are workmates then they should go out when there is a gang.....not alone together, especially if there is drink involved. That's my opinion....let us know how you get on.... How would he react if it was the other way around?
noddy1 Posts: 619
tell him the truth - you think she might see how fab he is and come on to him and he might not want or be able to tell her no - drink etc... and that you are jealous and think the time they are spending on their own is worring to you - tell him she is more than welcome in your home for dinner etc but not alone. Its what i would do. But whatever you do - don't accuse him.