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Ficidy Posts: 1753
He told me after about 2 months together. It took me a lot longer to realise how I felt about him. I remember one evening we were sitting in my sitting-room eating and whatever way he was concentrating on his food with his little cute face I looked at him and just thought how brilliant he was and how happy I was to have him. It wasn't a big event or anything, but it just cemented my feelings for him and I really don't know how I'd cope without him now. He's my best friend and I love him! I remember Judy Finnegan (of Richard and Judy fame) saying that Richard fell in love with her straightaway, but that her love was more of a slow-burner and she fell in love with him over the course of a year. I always remember that as that's how it happened for me. Sounds like you might be somewhat the same OP.
LAdancer Posts: 445
Gonna sound really cheesy but I knew the first time I seen him smile that I loved him. I was standing in a cafe after working in a nightclub and he was being dragged up the street by a girl and he was laughing. I used to see him all the time then at work, and when I finished with the fella that I was going with and went out with the girls he was there and we've been going out ever since 7.5 years later haha. He told me he was mad about me 2 days after that and we had told each other we loved each other a week after we first started going out haha. I've since told him that I've loved him since I've first seen him smile. Told you's it was cheesy haha xx
Helenl123 Posts: 1457
mmmmmm i was with him one night when drunk, and wasnt too pushed either way... then about a year later i was out one night with work friends, met him proper (talked etc) and i knew pretty much straight away. I dont think he did mind.. i think i scared him, LOL... but i just knew it was different to any other relationship i'd been in. I pretty much didnt drink the whole few weeks we were first together cos i wanted to get to know him properly without the dutch courage... But i knew from the minute i met him and kissed him that night (when sober LOL) that he was the one. Now bear in mind i think it took him a few months to realise... I didnt tell him i loved him for a few months, and when he looked shocked that i told him, i turned and walked away... just thought, no way.. i cant do this and get hurt if he's not feeling the same.... he ran after me and told me he loved me too and it wasnt until i was walking away from him that he thought... arggggggggg NOOOOOOOOOOOO dont please don't and he realised he loved me... He's soppy in his own little way. Over 7 years together now. its true love, were like pea's in a pod, he's the bit macho pea and i'm the weeney pea.. :o)ll
fraggle rocker Posts: 1426
I met dh in a chat room ten years ago, we met up a week later at 7 p.m. I didnt get home until 6 a.m. as we found a 24 hour cafe after the nightclub and just sat talking to each other. I always played it cool with the dont ring for 4 day rule but that day I rang him and said I was going to a party and did he want to come, that night I told him I loved him(few drinks involved). He laughed and said sure but the following week he told me he loved me. I was only 18 but I still love him as much as that day. We both admited that neither one of us was our usual type, I liked his ass and he made me laugh, he said it was my boobs and cheekiness that did it for him :xox
FoxyLockz Posts: 2448
it was about 4 weeks into the relationship and we went to a christmass party with my job and he came with me, towards the end of the night...little bit tipsy :hic ...he looked at me and then whispered in my ear...i think i'm falling in love with you and at that moment i knew i felt the same God! I'm welling up thinking back to that night. Think i might ring him now and tell him :lvs :lvs :lvs Such a nice thread!
jen09 Posts: 1390
For the first 18mths we were on we were off - we both had committment issues but 1 exact week before Christmas (with a few socialable drinks to help) I told him I was falling in love with him, he said I think so too & then after dreadful weather & missing NYE together he rang me at 11.59pm to tell me he loved me :lvs :lvs :lvs & each NYE at 11.59pm he tells me again; love him so much :-8
NemoFish Posts: 2501
Very early on. It just took me ages to convince myself that it was real because I'm so inexperienced.
april2010 Posts: 344
I think i loved him from the moment he first walked into the room in my old job, then when we first chatted i knew i was gona be with him forever :xox :lvs
MeSB Posts: 3785
tizzy Posts: 168
I knew when i started telling everyone including my mum and girls at work that I think ive found the one, only knew him a couple of weeks - love is mad isnt it !! when you know, you know. :lvs