would you be peed off???

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Lovely Tipp Posts: 46
Would this pee you off or should i just grow up and get over it?
wed09 Posts: 90
hey sunshine:) yes i would too be totally pissed off especially when he goin away wit the boys for wkend,if it were me i would let him no how i felt. good luck x
Lovely Tipp Posts: 46
Yeah I told him and I just sounded like a nagging women ....... I just wanted him to think of me, to think oh i won't see her tomor night I wonder would she like to do something.... so a big fight later and I'm in the wrong of course......
wed09 Posts: 90
ooooh men .... you should ring ur girlfriends and head out on the town. when ye gettin married
hunky_dorey Posts: 2714
I think you're over-reacting. If he wants to go to the pub, let him off. No point having a row about it, esp if he is going away tomorrow.
charliesangel Posts: 2106
no your so not over reacting its just men i swear
wouldntseemeinameringue Posts: 777
Don't think you're over-reacting at all. I have to remind myself sometimes that men don't think like us though so I don't get annoyed with H2B....
torribride Posts: 884
In answer to the question....probably not! If he was going away for a really long time then I might be peed off! You should get your glad rags on and head out yourself!
outdoorgirl Posts: 610
What would pee off is not that they went out but the fact that they didn't want to spend the time with me. However I wouldn't let it bother me unless it was part of a pattern that kept on happening.
Homeland Posts: 2
Think you are over reacting a little bit. You will be long enough married! It is important that you give each other your own space. My b2b used to be always onto me like this but now she understands sometimes I just need to go for pints with the lads. Equally I would understand when she needs time out also. Doesn't mean we love each any less.